Tuesday, June 30, 2009

You give me something, that makes me scared all right...

I have two goals for this summer:
--Make a ton of money at the Brown Bear.
--Teach myself how to cook.

So tonight my parents and I went up to Ludington to go grocery shopping because there isn't a whole ton of food in this house that I can eat. I'm so excited to start making some of the recipes that I've found online and in a couple different vegetarian cookbooks that I have.

While we were at the store, we had a tonnnn of cans to return. My job was to return the glass beer bottles. I discovered something semi-interesting. The brown beer bottles are dropped into the bottom of the machine, making a terrible glass breaking sound as they hit the bottom. The prestine, clear beer bottles are carefully sent out of the machine and lined up onto a table, and are ushered off into what I can only imagine to be "clear beer bottle mansions."

This really has no point besides the fact that I wondered if the brown bottles ever feel discriminated against, and maybe they want to have brown beer bottle mansions of their own.

I'll never know this.
Because they're beer bottles.


Paul said...

Hmmm, I'm pretty sure where I take my glass bottles back none of them make it to the mansion. They all get smashed. I should wear headphones to avoid hearing the awful sound.

Whitney said...

That sound just breaks my heart..actually..not so much breaks my heart as it kills my ears. I hate loud noises like that.