Sunday, December 21, 2008

In every house, there is a room, a sanctuary safe and strong...

Ten Things You Want To Say To Ten Different People:

1. I'm not looking for a relationship either. I am horrible at having/keeping relationships. But don't take that as I want to be your fbuddy either. I just enjoy spending time with you.

2. I hope you know that I will support either decision you choose to make coming up within the next month or so. You are a wonderful girl, and you deserve so much more.

3. It melts my heart when out of the blue you tell me you love me.

4. I hope you realize that cutting your family out of your life is not worth it.

5. You do not deserve what you are going through right now. I pray things will look up for the two of you every night, and I know some day God will answer these prayers.

6. When the two of you argue it makes things really awkward for everyone else. I wish that you could just let things slide, and not do it as much.

7. Being single fits both of us good. We'll make it through. I just wish you lived a little closer to me, but I'll get to see you a lot over break, so let's make the most of our time together!

8. I still feel awful about how I treated you in the past. You deserved so much more, and from what you've told me, you've found someone who gives it to you.

9. I am so thankful for everything you have provided me with. I don't think I show this thankfulness on a daily basis, and it's something that I'm working on.

10. I really hope that the fact that I'm not dating your friend anymore doesn't mean that we can't be friends.

Nine Things About Yourself That No One Knows:

1. I have been having really bad headaches everyday for the past week.

2. I wonder a lot if I'll ever be able to stop using Burts Bees chapstick.

3. I think the way a person spells/uses grammar says a lot about them.

4. I am absolutely terrified about grad school.

5. I got hired somewhere, and freaked out that I wouldn't be able to see my family/friends enough, so I turned the job down.

6. I always look at the spot on the side of the road when I drive by where my car ended up after my accident.
7. I'm considering learning how to snowboard.

8. I hate putting nail polish on/taking it off, but I hate the way my nails look when I don't have it on.

9. I hang on to stuff from the past for too long.

Eight Ways To Win My Heart:

1. Understand that I am in immense pain a lot of the time, and be able to help me deal with it.

2. Laugh at my stupid jokes, and don't hold it against me that I find most things funny.

3. Don't tell me what to do, what not to do, what to wear, what not to wear, who I can and who I cannot talk to...just in general, don't be controlling.

4. Go along with my crazy ideas, they often turn out to be fun.

5. Be understanding that I love my family to death, and a lot of times, I couldn't make it through the day without them.

6. Have unique ideas of your own. Going out to dinner/to the movies gets old quick.

7. Take pictures with me.

8.Get along with my family.

Seven Questions That Cross Your Mind Alot:

1. Is she serious?

2. If we weren't friends when I actually saw you on a regular basis, why would I want to be friends with you now?

3. Are my bangs going the right way?

4. Why am I always so tired?

5. How much would it cost me to have someone drive me around every day?

6. Why couldn't you have told me sooner?

7. I wonder why people think straight jeans are cute?

Six Things You Wish You Never Did:

1. Drove home from work when I crashed my car. I'd probably be able to drive anywhere/anytime if it weren't for that.

2. Add you as a friend that one January night.

3. Worry what other people think about me.

4. I wish I used my glasses case more so my glasses weren't scratched.

5. I wish I didn't worry in general as much.

6. Wouldn't have went to CC and just started out at Calvin.

Five Turn Offs:

1. Spelling/grammar errors.

2. People that talk about themselves too much.

3. Finding something I don't like/something that makes me uncomfortable, and constantly doing it because "it's funny."

4. Taking yourself too seriously.

5. People that find vegetarianism stupid.

Four Turn Ons:

1. Sense of humor

2. Smiling with your eyes as well as a normal smile

3. Being able to have both intelligent and stupid conversations with me.

4. Being good with kids/getting along with my family (I needed two more)

Three Smileys That Describe Your Life:

1. :]

2. :)

3. :D

Two Things You Want To Do Before You Die:

1. Achieve something great.

2. Travel to Italy

One Confession:

1. I have the first three seasons of Friends sitting downstairs for me to watch, and the final episode of Blush recorded on On Demand... and I'm secretly really excited about both of those things.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sometimes an on/off switch sure would come in handy.


The greatest example there is of the insanity of the human mind is that it thinks that it can worry itself into happiness. More so, that it expends so much energy worrying about things that will probably never even happen. Not to mention the fact that it makes such a drama about people and events that it cannot control.

That is how creative we are: the fact that our fears and anxieties are so far-fetched and incredible; the fact that our imaginations are so rich and powerful, we take all of this for real.

Yes, everyone in that block of flats has a personal vendetta against you. The fact that half of them don’t even know you exist, no matter, they all have it in for you! Yes, you occupy their collective thoughts 24-7. Because, clearly, they have nothing else in life to concern them …

Delight in your wonderful mind; and use it to better effect. That is all.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

I really wish I could be that insightful. I've been reading one of these everyday. They really have been pushing me along through these last lazy days of the semester. I really need to stop panicking about everything I have to get done, and just do them. Next Thursday cannot come soon enough...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Unpack your adverbs.

I am:

Incredibly hopeful that things will work out
Insanely tired because I don't sleep
Ridiculously bored with my living situation
Uncontrollably jealous of everyone flying to Punta Cana tomorrow
Annoyingly obsessed with Grey's Anatomy online episodes
Cautiously moving forward
Easily distracted from studying for finals
Helplessly reminded of mistakes that I've made
Powerfully moved by the beauty of every day
Courageously making plans for my future
Truthfully sorry for deserting my friends for almost 2 years
Immensely thankful for my family and friends

On another note, I am loving this right now. I just found it, and sat and laughed to myself for about 5 minutes straight. Maybe it's because I'm really tired, or maybe it's because it's just that funny.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The teeth you keep clenched is what's killing the change.

Alright so I'm not even close to finishing this paper on Grey's Anatomy. I'm working on a feminist critique of the show. Surprisingly it is very anti-feminist, as much as it pains me to say that.

I've been going though countless quotes online about this show, and I love it. There's so many "Mc___" references that I keep finding sooo funny. Probably my favorite by far is:

"McDreamy did the McNasty with McHottie? That McBastard!"--George mocking Cristina.

But then there's also:

Meredith: I can’t be pregnant, can I?
Cristina: With a McBaby.

I really need to finish up this paper.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tough times don't last, but tough people do.

I have had a really horrible cold for almost a month now. It started out as a sore throat, which lead to an earache, then to a runny nose. Now, I have intense shoulder pain (similar to the pain I had in my shoulders from my surgery) when I breathe, therefore making it extremely difficult to breathe. On top of all this, my heart randomly starts to beat really fast, also making it hard for me to breathe.

In other words...I'm a mess.

I'm currently working on a paper for my Culture and Communication class...where I'm writing a 7-10 page paper on Grey's Anatomy. How about that. I just found a really great site where I can watch the first-fifth seasons. I'm currently eating an orange, and watching the pilot. Love this.

Monday, December 1, 2008

What did you learn today? Did you learn how to think, or did you learn how to believe?

This is all new to me again.
I'll get to this later.
I have a million things on my plate right now.
And I couldn't be happier...well, this is helping.