Sunday, December 7, 2008

Unpack your adverbs.

I am:

Incredibly hopeful that things will work out
Insanely tired because I don't sleep
Ridiculously bored with my living situation
Uncontrollably jealous of everyone flying to Punta Cana tomorrow
Annoyingly obsessed with Grey's Anatomy online episodes
Cautiously moving forward
Easily distracted from studying for finals
Helplessly reminded of mistakes that I've made
Powerfully moved by the beauty of every day
Courageously making plans for my future
Truthfully sorry for deserting my friends for almost 2 years
Immensely thankful for my family and friends

On another note, I am loving this right now. I just found it, and sat and laughed to myself for about 5 minutes straight. Maybe it's because I'm really tired, or maybe it's because it's just that funny.

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