Monday, December 21, 2009

Why do you let me stay here all by myself...

Dear Mom, Dad, Nick, Shayna, Owen, Aubrey, Scott, Steph, Wes, and Jan,

I'm sorry. I am probably the worlds worst present wrapper. I will be the first to admit it. However, you're going to just have to deal with it because Lindsey and Ryan's gifts for you will go unwrapped unless I wrap them. Since Lindsey specifically asked me to wrap them, I'm going to make an attempt to do at least half as good of a job as she normally does. Don't expect any fancy bows or tags. Expect too much tape, and too much wrapping paper that is probably crooked and at least partially ripped. Oh..and you're going to have your presents in as few of boxes as possible because we have to get all these presents to fit into Linds' tiny room. Just a little warning. They are pretty awesome gifts though..I'm jealous.

Love always,

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