Monday, April 26, 2010

No pain is forever..yup, you know this.

It's been a pretty regular thing lately for me to have pseudo arguments with myself over how bad it would hurt to cut my right ovary out so that I wouldn't be in constant pain for...oh...4 hours now. If I was dead set on not having kids I'd go to the hospital and have them fix me. I'm still at a toss up over that whole thing so I can't make such a rash decision right now (I'm only 23). I can pretend all night long that I'm gutsy enough to hold a knife to my belly and cut it, when in all actuality, I can't even dig into my skin with a needle to get a sliver out. This girl = huge wimp.

My old doctor (who basically did nothing but perform 2 surgeries and prescribe me 7 different meds that didn't work) just moved so I'm in the market for a new one. Let's hope that the next one can pinpoint what's wrong a little faster/easier than she could. One person can only pee in a cup so many times and still keep their dignity.

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