Sunday, May 23, 2010

When you ain't got nothin', you've got nothin' to lose.

Today started out awesome. Lindsey, Ryan, Evan, Brooke and Nick were all up at my parents house. It was a beautiful day, and I even got to watch most of the Grey's season finale. Then I overheated myself and almost puked. I showered and went to work.

That's when my day turned from pretty awesome, to horrible. For some reason, they will not turn on the air there. Ugh. Seriously. Every single table was complaining about how hot it I wanted to be working in the heat..also, I have no voice. Zero. I try and talk and all that comes out is 13 yr. old pubescent boy sounds. Seriously.

But then, I came home, and this was on.

I am now going to bed happy, although roasting hot because my parents refuse to turn the air on because they believe we "get a good breeze off the lake." I am not talking tomorrow...until I go back to work tomorrow night.

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